Home-made Vitamin Waters

Krista Densing

Hi everyone, I hope you all started the new week well!

So something we should always remember (besides eating healthy superfoods on a regular basis ? ) is to stay hydrated throughout the day. Even though this might seem rather like a recipe for the summer, I think it’s also quite useful for the winter months too, because usually then the air is drier and especially in closed and heated rooms, air humidity is quite low.

I got inspired to make these waters by various posts I saw on instagram and my lovely friend, the gmo-free girl. She states some really good points about why you should make your own Vitamin water and how the store-bought ones are really full of chemicals. In addition, these home-flavored waters are also great for everyone who thinks plain water is boring and has trouble drinking enough of it. Drinking enough water is so important for our overall health and that all organs function properly. See this table for more information about how much water you should drink and why drinking enough water is important and good for you:


I personally don’t have issues drinking enough water, I love it, and I get naturally thirsty if I don’t drink regularly, I guess it just became a habit. And honestly, when I don’t drink enough, my lips get totally dry and my metabolism slows down. So I make sure to always have a glass or bottle of water close to me.

Anyways, about these vitamin waters: I just wanted to make them, because I was curious how they would taste and because they looked so pretty. Yes, that was probably the main reason. They look soooo pretty! And I wanted to take a picture of them! Hahha…I hope you don’t find that weird ?

These waters are super easy to make and you can choose the combinations of fruits and herbs you like most.


Fresh water
Herbs and fruits of your choice
Recommended combinations are for example: lemon & strawberries, lime & mint, cucumber & ginger, berries