Chai Mylk Overnight Oats

Krista Densing

When you have a big box full of tasty dairy free mylks sitting in the kitchen you have to get inventive and think of new cool ways to use them. I love overnight oats and usually I use plain almond milk to make them but I thought using some of my flavoured mylks would be a cool alternative!

This would work with any of the flavours but I thought chai would be a fun one to test out and it tasted amazing. A really simple recipe that you can prepare the night before and have sitting in the fridge waiting for you the next day.
You will need:
1 cup of Rebel Kitchen chai mylk (Just drink the rest of the carton!)
2/3 of a cup of oats
2 tbsps chia seeds
1 small mashed banana
Mix everything together in a bowl and leave in the fridge to sit overnight and thicken up. In the morning top with fruit, nuts, granola or whatever else your heart desires!